Bekar Mikaberidze

Mr. Bekar Mikaberidze – One Belt One Road concept.

Bekar Mikaberidze – Founder of “Belt and Road Georgian Business House” and an Official Representative of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Province of Guangdong of the People’s Republic of China; Georgia.


Bekar Mikaberidze has begun his career in China since 2002 when he started studying at the Tianjin University on Chinese language program of International Relations. In 2008, he was elected as the head of Import – Export Si Fu in Shanghai by the Georgian National Tourism Administration. Mr. Beka has founded Tangbei Limited since 2011, the main purpose of which is import-export activity.


He also founded Transportation Company GUANGZHOU XINFUYU INTERNATIONAL TRADING Co., Ltd. Hereby, Mr. Bekar has its own brand “Venakhi Wine”, which is exporting Georgian wine and lemonade to China. In 2018 Mr. Beka founded “Georgian One Belt One Road Business House”, which is an ideal platform for the following seven directions: Import, Export, Producing, Tourism, Media, New Technology Product Invention and its Support, Duty-Free Shops, representing natural Georgian products.

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