Marius Heyns







After completion of his studies (Degree in BA Political Science and Law) at the University of Stellenbosch some 45 minutes from Cape Town, South Africa, Marius Heyns started his career in 1981 in the South African Diplomatic Service. He served twice as a South African Diplomat at the South African Embassy in Vienna, Austria (1982 – 1986 and again 1990 – 1995), as well as in Bonn, the then West Germany (1986 – 1988).

In September 2002 he was honored for his work in the field of management development and the promotion of the Action Learning Methodology by BSN International during its annual graduation ceremony in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Mr. Heyns is an accredited assessor. He lectures on the following subjects:

He applies the “Action Learning Methodology” with great effect during the facilitation of courses and workshops. He is an expert on Action Learning Projects (ALP’s). His knowledge and practical understanding of the broad industry is further enhanced by numerous lectures at Blue Chip companies within the Diamond, Gold, Platinum, Steel, Financial Services and Motor Car Manufacturing Industries.

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