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10 VIP Guests

Presentation During the forum 15 min.


Description in Forum magazine (2 pages)

Video commercial on monitor


50 000 GEL
Golden 5 VIP Guests

Description in Forum magazine(1 page)

Presentation During the forum 10 min.

Commercial on monitor

25 000 GEL
Silver 2 VIP Guest

Description in Forum magazine (1 page)

Presentation During the forum 5 min.

15 000 GEL
Single Benefit Choice Contribution
Description in magazine (1 page) 1500 GEL
Description in magazine (half page) 1000 GEL
Video commercial on monitor 2000 GEL
Flyers 2000 GEL
Single Benefit Choice
Speaker accommodation 2500 GEL
Coffee break 10 000 GEL
Lunch 20 000 GEL
Flight tickets 3000 GEL
Translation 4000 GEL
Gala dinner Minimal sponsoring amount 15 000 GEL
Media support Minimal sponsoring amount 10 000 GEL
Transfer Minimal sponsoring amount 5000 GEL
Printing materials

Minimal sponsoring amount 3500 GEL

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